10 Tips for Clearing Out the Family Home

Tackling an enormous project like this following the passing of a loved one can be exhausting under any circumstances. However, managing the process during the pandemic, when resources are limited, can be fraught with even more emotion, conflict and frustration. I recommend the following tips if you’re faced with a similar task. 
1. Obtain Professional Advice
2. Allow Yourself Time to Grieve
3. Encourage Family Members to Take Their Personal Belongings
4. Assess Interest in Other Household Items and Furniture
5. Establish the Value of Antiques and Vintage Pieces
6. Ship Furniture and Boxes to Out-of-Town Heirs
7. Sell Leftover Items
8. Coordinate With a Local Charity to Pick Up Donations
9. Find Out What’s Provided by Your Waste Management Service
10. Have Any Remaining Trash Hauled Away