Coquitlam’s seasonal unlimited yard trimmings collection and large item pickup programs will resume service effective May 19.

Residents who receive the City’s curbside collection service can put out unlimited yard trimmings and leaves for curbside pick up on their regularly scheduled collection day from May 19 through to June 25.

Additionally, residents who receive the City’s curbside collection service can also have up to four large household items collected (July 1 to June 30 each year) by either putting out four items at the same time, once per year, or; placing out one, two, or three items at different times of the year, up to a maximum of four times per year.These programs were temporarily suspended at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic due to health and safety concerns for operational staff but safe work practices have since been developed with WorkSafe BC and Provincial health officials.
Yard Trimming Options
There are several options for setting out additional yard trimmings at curbside for pickup on your collection day:
  • Place yard trimmings like grass clippings, prunings and small branches in kraft paper bags.
  • Bundle branches, they must be less than 7.5 cm (3 in.) in diameter and no more than 1 m (3 ft.) in length.
  • Use old garbage cans with a Green Can sticker, please call 604-927-3500 to arrange for additional stickers.
Know the Rules
  • All food scraps go in the City-issued Green Cart, only yard trimmings should go in kraft paper bags or an old garbage can with a Green Can sticker.
  • Do not set out your City-issued Green and Garbage Carts before 5:30 a.m. on your scheduled collection day, even if the Green Cart contains only yard trimmings. (Households who set out carts overnight risk a fine of up to $500.)
  • Yard trimming bundles and containers must not block sidewalks, laneways or streets and can weigh no more than 20 kg (44 lb.) each.
  • Sod, rocks, soil and plastic bags are not accepted. 
Additional yard trimmings are collected by a separate truck, which may arrive later than the regular Green Cart collection, so don’t think your extra yard trimmings have been missed if they are still at curbside after your regular Cart waste has been collected.However, if your additional yard trimmings are not collected by 7:30 p.m. on your collection day, please call Waste Connections of Canada at 604-636-3520.

For more information on the Seasonal Unlimited Yard Trimmings program, visit or call Coquitlam’s Customer Service Line 24/7 at 604-927-3500.

About Coquitlam’s Large Item Pickup Program
Coquitlam residents who receive the City’s curbside collection can use this program to dispose of items such as furniture, fridges, freezers, barbecues (without tanks), mattresses, box springs, and non-CFC appliances such as washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, stoves, lawn mowers (with no fuel), heaters, microwaves and drained hot water tanks for free.

There is no maximum weight or size, although crews must be able to safely load the item into a five-tonne cube truck. To participate:
  • Schedule a pick-up by calling Waste Connections of Canada at 604-636-3521 or emailing They will need to know the number and type of items.
  • Set-out up to four items at the curb throughout the year (maximum of four per year). 
Items not eligible for pick-up include bags of garbage, tires, propane tanks, car parts and batteries, carpets, tree stumps, paint and other hazardous materials, windows and mirrors, toilets and tubs, air conditioners, containers with liquids, electronics, building or construction waste, animal carcasses, biomedical waste, or anything that can be disposed of through a take-back program.For proper disposal of these and other items, use the Coquitlam Waste Wizard search tool at

Sign Up for Collection Day Reminders
For reminders on your waste collection schedule including changes for statutory holidays and other special messaging, visit to set up a weekly reminder by phone, email, text or Twitter. Or use your smartphone to download the Coquitlam Curbside Collection App for free; visit your app store and search “Coquitlam Curbside Collection”.